daydreams + making

It is true: I started off as an architect-urbanist. Now, I want to start, though, with more momentous stuff. That is, I am a lost person. But I did become all those things and... not so lost now. It goes like this:

My fire is for the symbolic life, or as Gaston Bachelard would say, "the world of the imagination" — him himself another passion of mine, the best ever philosopher of the poetics of the imagination. In him, the dreamer, the reverie, the fantastic is supported. He was also a poet and a scientist, and superbly mixed the two.

My design practice is the result of two streams in my symbolic life: literary and visual arts.

Down the visual stream, I paint with acrylics. I also have explored quite a lot with linocuts and produced varied prints in a few collections. I also enjoy making wire sculptures, and the never out of date: graphite drawings. I produced 5 solo exhibitions and participated in more than 20 collectives. From 2008 thru 2015 I owned Miss Cline Press, a typography in the Central District of Seattle, where I pressed poems and prints using centuries-old iron presses (as the ones Gutenberg used).

Up the literary stream, my main pursuit is poetry. (Enough cannot be said about how poetry is my true-love-for-life, my fascination, my constant curiosity). I also produce short stories, chronicles, and recently, a novella. Writing in both English and Portuguese, I don't always keep my blog "O Quartinho" as organized as I'd wish. In 2014, my poems "Melodrama" and "Distraction" were the only winning poems (3rd place, 1st and 2nd were short stories) in the annual Hugo House Literary Series short story contest in Seattle. In 2016, my short story "Lava" was selected and published in the collection of short stories "Capitals Sins" by Illuminare Publishing.

I have 3 books published in Portuguese: Leaving the Ether PoolIllustrated Poems, 2017; Crazy Girl Wanna Dance, – Poems & Geometries, 2019; and Mário (& Rosina), A Novella, 2020, all independently published by Lua Negra Cartonera, which I founded in 2019 and is part of the Cartonera Movement, a Latin-American movement that uses recycled card boxes to create books by hand.

I have a B.A. in architecture and urbanism (Brasil, 1995) and an A.A.A. in graphic design (USA, 2001). I am also a trained Gestalt holistic therapist (São Paulo, 2019). I read the tarot — I started with the Osho tarot, then read the Egyptian tarot for a long time, and now I work with the mythological tarot. I study astrology and do natal and solar revolution charts. I study crystals, florals, and quantum physics in its multiple representations. I am very interested in improvised dance and spontaneous movement, in organic nutrition and on phenomenology.

All of the above likes to mix too much in my head and it is usually digested as language or communication: be it words, visual, web code, body movement, facts, phenomena or myths, be it dreams or reality — it's all about narratives to me.

The creative process fascinates me so I believe in the power of spontaneity, serendipity and intuition. To me, art (or anything creative) is the science of intuition.

I am originally from the town of Maceió, in the northeastern shoreline of Brazil.
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